Some questions you might have

Our ‘Core’ section teaches the fundamentals of Maths and English. Think of it as an extensive cheat sheet. You can sign up and see what it is like before purchasing a paid account.

Think about how your child learns their times tables—repeated practice allows them to answer any of the twelve times table instinctively. The platform and app does this with ‘Core’ maths and english to aid learning and recall.

We are not sure what level the children are when they start with 11 Plus Blocks so some questions may seem easy to some. Simply tick those off or move straight onto the harder setting.

Yes all this will be covered by Schools, the problem is they may have done this work a while ago. Using 11 Plus Blocks will allow your child to speed up and retain the information.

Questions are grouped into small sections, if your child answers all of the correctly in that section you give yourself a tick. Collect 5 ticks for easy and hard and you can safely say you know the basics for that category.

The app works on both iOS and Android phones and can be found in the App/Play store. You need to sign up for the web platform first then simply use the same username/password on the mobile app after you have installed it on your phone.

Download in the Play Store (Android phones)

Download in the App Store (Apple phones)

It is a one off cost of £19.99. You will get unlimited use of the platform and mobile app.

Although there is not a section on Non Verbal Reasoning, there are NVR questions in our quizzes.

Yes, whatever your 11 Plus prep is, you can also use 11 Plus Blocks.

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