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Master maths and English basics, expand your vocabulary with flash cards, and test yourself with quizzes and worksheets — all on an easy-to-use platform.

Keep your learning on track

All questions in ‘Core’ are grouped. When you answer all the questions in that section correctly, you give yourself a tick; otherwise, you can come back another day. When you have accumulated 5 ticks, you can consider it learned.

Move on when you are ready

You can swap to harder questions when you have mastered the easier ones, or straight away if you are at a more advanced level.

Platform FAQs

You can access all content on the platform. If you are on the free version you will see a limited amount of content.

There is no time limit on the free trial.

Questions are grouped into small sections, if your child answers all of the correctly in that section you give yourself a tick. Collect 5 ticks for easy and hard and you can safely say you know the basics for that category.

For Core maths and English, you can change the difficulty of the questions. As all children are at different levels in different subjects some children may need to start on the harder questions.

Cheaper than an hour with a tutor

Unlimited use of platform and mobile app for a simple one-off price.