11 Plus Exam Day Tips

As the 11 Plus exam day gets closer, it’s normal for both parents and students to feel a bit nervous. But don’t worry – with some smart preparation, you can make the day go smoothly. 

This article is here to help with easy-to-follow 11 Plus exam day tips for parents and the child taking the exam.

Is It Hard to Pass the 11 Plus Exam?

11 Plus Exam Day Tips

Passing the 11 Plus exam can feel like a big challenge for many students, especially because it assesses skills like verbal and non-verbal reasoning, which are not part of regular lessons. 

The pressure can be intense, and it becomes even more critical for those aiming to enter selective secondary schools or secure a place in an independent school. 

On exam day, the exam hall can be a stressful place, filled with other children, other parents, and the anxiety of performing well. It’s not uncommon for children to feel too much pressure.

But to do well, children must study hard, practice a lot, and maintain a positive mindset.

How Do You Pass the 11 Plus Easily? [Tips for Exam Day]

11 Plus Exam Day Tips

To make it easier for children and parents, here are some tips to get through the exam:

Before the Test Day

Plan Your Exam Day

Confirm the time and venue, including the exact exam room when possible. Plan your route, considering potential traffic or public transportation delays. Knowing these details reduces stress on the exam day.

Prepare for the Morning

Lay out your clothes and pack your bag the night before. This ensures a smooth and stress-free morning routine. Ensure you have all the necessary materials including pens, pencils, erasers, and any required documents like ID or admission ticket. Place them all in your bag the night before to avoid last-minute scrambling.

Eat Well

Pick foods that help your brain work well, like nuts, fruits, and whole grains. These foods give you the energy you need without making you feel tired later. Stay away from sugary snacks or heavy meals because they might make you feel sleepy during the test.

Rest and Relax

Avoid intensive studying the night before the exam. Engage in relaxing activities, such as reading a book, watching a light movie, taking a warm bath, or doing light stretching exercises. The goal is to promote a good night’s sleep.

Go to Bed Early

Try to sleep early so you get enough rest. Sleeping early helps you wake up feeling good and ready for the test. Having a routine for bedtime is a good idea but avoid drinking energy drinks in the evening as it might make it hard for you to fall asleep.

Master the 11 Plus

A unique, confidence-boosting way to study for the 11 Plus

During the Exam Day

Arrive Early

Arrive at the exam venue well before the scheduled time. This helps in reducing stress and allows you to settle in the exam room.

Read the Instructions Carefully

Take a moment to carefully read and understand the instructions for each section. This ensures you understand the requirements and do not misinterpret instructions that can lead to silly mistakes.

Manage Your Time Effectively

Allocate time wisely for each section. If you get stuck on a question, move on to the next one and come back later if time permits.

Stay Calm

Keep your composure, even if you encounter challenging questions. Take deep breaths to stay calm and focused.

Check Your Work

If time allows, review your answers. Look for any mistakes or areas where you can provide more thorough answers.

After the Test

Don’t Dwell on the Exam

Avoid discussing the exam in detail with others. Dwelling on the questions can create unnecessary stress.

Celebrate Your Efforts

Regardless of the outcome, celebrate the effort you put into preparation. It’s a learning experience, and your hard work is valuable.

Resume to Normal Activities

Get back to your school activities and routine gradually. Engage in activities you enjoy to shift your focus away from the exam temporarily.

How Can I Improve My 11 Plus Score?

To help boost your child’s score on the 11 Plus exam, learn about the test format, what it covers, and which board is giving the exam for your chosen school. This is important because different schools may have different exam papers and pass marks, so knowing the details helps get a clear picture of what your child needs to focus on.

Additionally, when preparing for each subject, consider the following tips:

  • English: Practice reading comprehension and improve vocabulary by reading a variety of texts. 
  • Mathematics: Master the basic concepts and practice solving different types of math problems. 
  • Verbal Reasoning: Practice with verbal exercises, puzzles, and riddles to improve analytical and logical thinking skills.
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning: Practice with visual puzzles, sequences, and series to sharpen non-verbal skills.

When your child has gained enough confidence and skills in each subject, have them take mock exams to simulate real test conditions. Mock exams provide valuable practice and help your child become familiar with the exam environment.

How to Prepare for 11 Plus Exams

Develop a well-organised study plan that covers all the subjects tested in the 11 Plus. Allocate time wisely to each subject based on your child’s strengths and weaknesses and don’t waste time on irrelevant or overly challenging materials. 

When practising for the test, use trusted books, past papers, and practice papers that match what’s in the exam. Look for study guides that cover the main things in the 11 Plus. These materials should be like the real exam to give your child a good idea of what to expect.

Many parents find tutoring or online platforms helpful. These provide guidance, practice, and simulated exams. Also, this way, your child can get feedback and identify areas for improvement. 

Then, regularly assess the child’s progress and adjust the plan. It helps to create a positive, stress-free environment for effective learning.