11 Plus Success Stories from Students

If you need some inspirational guides to keep you motivated in your 11 Plus journey, success stories are here to help. 

They remind you that you’re not alone in your journey towards the 11 Plus exam. They show that others have faced similar challenges and triumphed, proving that hard work and dedication truly pay off. 

Whether learning to tackle difficult questions, managing exam stress, or finding effective study techniques, success stories offer practical wisdom that can benefit your preparation.

So, if you ever feel discouraged or unsure, remember the stories of those who have come before you.

11 Plus Success Stories to Inspire You

11 Plus Success Stories from Students

Here are some student’s and parents’ experiences to inspire and guide you, and remind you that with determination and effort, you too can succeed in the 11 Plus exam.

Mat Thurston’s Journey

“When I took the 11 Plus exam, I didn’t have any tutoring. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and discussing answers with friends afterward helped me realise I had done well. When I got the results, I was thrilled. But it was also a bit daunting to realise I’d be going to a different school than some of my friends. It was a long summer, but I was excited for the new chapter ahead.”

Mara’s Achievement

“The results just came in and I have got a place at Rugby High Grammar School. I have been invited for a Foundation Award Interview. Thank you so much for helping me.” 

Heather’s Gratitude

“I would like to say thank you to Mr Shore and Mr Mason for helping me through my exams. You really worked hard in the last two years to help me pass my exam. I used to hate all the homework that you used to send me, especially percentages and fractions but I am so happy that I am now at Kind Edwards Camp Hill. I am really enjoying myself and have made so many friends and I could not be any happier. Thank you so so much – love you.” 

Afreen’s Transformation with the Help of Tutors

Afreen started her 11 Plus prep a year before the exams. When she went for her initial assessment, her parents were advised to think twice about putting her under the pressure of 11 Plus prep. Initially, she struggled with Maths and English, but with the support of her tutors, she gained confidence and skills. She passed the 11 Plus, excelled in SATs, and gained admission to Woodford County High School. It’s amazing how much she has grown in just a year!

Amit’s Success

Amit passed the 11 Plus exam and secured a place at King Edwards School. Her parents were initially hesitant about one-to-one tuition as they had a centre down the road offering group tuition that Amit used to attend. But, it significantly impacted Amit’s academic progress, particularly in English and Maths, and her teacher at school thinks the same.

Ben’s Progress

Ben achieved above the Dartford OOC level in the Kent test and was in the Top 180 of the Bexley Test, thanks to the help of Young Education Services. The initial assessment, which identified his strengths and weaknesses, Saturday morning lessons, summer revision, and mock exams, were all instrumental in his progress.

Karen and Her Parents’ Appreciation

Karen and her parents are grateful for the guidance and support throughout their 11 Plus journey. With intense coaching and Karen’s hard work, she secured a seat at the Chelmsford County Girls despite not living in the catchment area. 

Sarah’s Thanks for Konrad’s Success

“Thanks for the support given to Konrad last year. He passed his Kent exams and Medway exam with flying colors, missing the Bexley exam by just one point. He’s been offered a place at Wilmington Grammar Boys, and we’re hopeful for an appeal to Dartford Boys.”

Shook Liu’s Joy for Mollie’s Achievements

“Never in a million years did we ever think Mollie would ever achieve one of the ‘top Academic Scholarship Awards’ at one of our two chosen local Independent Schools. Not to mention passing her 11+ exams and also achieving a place at Woodford County High School. Words cannot express how grateful we are to you and all the staff at Redbridge Tuition for all your hard work and dedication towards Mollie. We cannot believe all the hours of hard work and time have finally paid off, as she has gained fantastic results this year!”

Common Themes and Strategies

As we delve into the success stories of students who have triumphed in the 11 Plus exam, several recurring themes and effective strategies emerge. Let’s explore these themes, strategies, and practical tips for preparing students for the exam.

Determination and Hard Work

Across the stories, one common thread is the students’ dedication and effort. Whether they received tutoring or not, each student displayed a strong work ethic and commitment to their studies.

Mat Thurston’s journey exemplifies this, as he tackled the exam without tutoring and relied on his own determination to succeed. Mara’s achievement at Rugby High Grammar School also highlights the importance of perseverance and hard work.

Practical Tip: Set aside dedicated study time each day and stay consistent with your preparation. Remember that consistent effort yields results.

Support Systems and Guidance

Many students benefited from supportive environments and guidance from tutors or teachers. Afreen’s transformation with the help of tutors demonstrates the impact of personalised support in overcoming challenges and building confidence.

Similarly, Amit’s success underscores the importance of one-to-one tuition in addressing individual needs and accelerating progress.

Practical Tip: Seek support from tutors, teachers, or study groups to address areas of difficulty and receive personalised guidance.

Targeted Preparation and Practice

Effective preparation involves identifying strengths and weaknesses and tailoring study plans accordingly. Ben’s progress highlights the value of initial assessments in pinpointing areas for improvement. Additionally, Karen’s success emphasises the importance of focused coaching and targeted practice.

Practical Tip: Take practice tests and mock exams to familiarise yourself with the exam format and identify areas for improvement. Focus on strengthening weak areas while reinforcing strengths.

Positive Mindset and Resilience

Maintaining a positive attitude and resilience in the face of challenges is crucial for success. Heather’s gratitude towards her tutors reflects the transformative power of a positive mindset and perseverance. Similarly, Shook Liu’s joy for Mollie’s achievements highlights the significance of celebrating progress and staying resilient amidst obstacles.

Practical Tip: Stay optimistic and believe in your ability to overcome challenges. Celebrate small victories along the way to keep motivation high.

In summary, success in the 11 Plus exam is achievable with determination, support, targeted preparation, and a positive mindset. By implementing these strategies and tips, students can approach the exam with confidence and maximise their chances of success.

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