12 Resources and Books That Will Prepare You for the 11 Plus Interview

5 Resources and Books That Will Prepare You for the 11 Plus Interview

The 11 Plus interview is a significant milestone for many children seeking admission to selective secondary schools in the United Kingdom. Unlike the academic exams, the interview focuses on assessing a child’s personality, interests, and potential beyond their test scores. Proper preparation can make a considerable difference in how a child presents themselves.

This article will explore various resources and books that can help children prepare for the 11 Plus interview, ensuring they feel confident and well-equipped to answer questions about their hobbies, interests, and goals.

“Interview Excellence for 11+ and Independent School Interviews” by Janie Richardson

“Interview Excellence for 11+ and Independent School Interviews” by Janie Richardson is a comprehensive guide tailored specifically for children preparing for school interviews.

This book provides an in-depth look at how to approach common interview questions, offering valuable tips on structuring answers and building confidence. It includes practical exercises and mock interview scenarios that allow children to practise effectively, simulating the real interview experience.

The book also delves into the nuances of communication, helping children understand the importance of body language, tone of voice, and active listening. By using this resource, children can learn to articulate their thoughts more clearly and confidently, making a positive impression on interviewers. The step-by-step guidance ensures that children feel well-prepared and less anxious about their interviews.

“How to Succeed in 11+ Interviews: A Guide to Teaching Children How to Answer Questions Confidently and Successfully” by Natasha Devon

Natasha Devon’s “How to Succeed in 11+ Interviews” is another essential resource for children preparing for the 11 Plus interview. This book focuses on developing strong verbal communication skills and provides insights into what interviewers look for in a candidate. It covers important aspects such as body language, maintaining a positive attitude, and effectively answering different types of questions.

The book includes a variety of exercises and activities designed to boost a child’s confidence and ability to think on their feet. It encourages children to reflect on their experiences, hobbies, and goals, helping them prepare thoughtful and engaging responses. By using this guide, children can improve their overall presentation and leave a lasting impression during their interviews.

Online Resources: 11 Plus Blocks, 11 Plus Lifeline, and Eleven Plus Exams

5 Resources and Books That Will Prepare You for the 11 Plus Interview

Websites such as 11 Plus Blocks, 11 Plus Lifeline, and Eleven Plus Exams offer valuable online resources for interview preparation. These platforms provide a range of courses and practice materials focused on interview techniques. Video tutorials, sample questions, and interactive exercises available on these sites help children build confidence and improve their performance.

These online resources often include feedback from experienced educators and interviewers, giving children a clear understanding of what is expected during the interview. By engaging with these materials, children can gain practical insights and hone their skills in a flexible, self-paced environment. The accessibility and variety of resources make these websites a valuable tool for comprehensive interview preparation.

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Public Speaking Clubs: Toastmasters International

5 Resources and Books That Will Prepare You for the 11 Plus Interview

Public speaking clubs, such as those offered by Toastmasters International, provide a supportive environment for children to practise speaking in front of an audience. Participating in these clubs can help children become more comfortable with public speaking, enhancing their ability to articulate their thoughts clearly and confidently.

In these clubs, children engage in various speaking activities and receive constructive feedback from their peers and mentors. This experience helps them develop strong communication skills, which are crucial for performing well in the 11 Plus interview. By regularly practising public speaking, children can reduce anxiety and improve their overall presentation, making a positive impression on interviewers.

Drama Classes

Drama classes offer another effective way for children to prepare for the 11 Plus interview. These classes help children become more comfortable with expressing themselves and thinking on their feet. Engaging in drama activities can enhance their ability to communicate effectively, use appropriate body language, and present themselves confidently.

Through role-playing and improvisation exercises, children can practise responding to unexpected questions and scenarios, which are common in interviews. Drama classes also foster creativity and spontaneity, skills that can be beneficial during the interview process. By participating in drama, children can build their confidence and develop a dynamic presence that will impress interviewers.


Preparing for the 11 Plus interview requires a holistic approach that goes beyond academic preparation. Utilising comprehensive books, online resources, and personalised coaching can help children develop the communication and presentation skills needed to excel. Encouraging participation in public speaking clubs and drama classes can further enhance their readiness.

With the right preparation and support, children can approach their 11 Plus interview with confidence and poise, showcasing their full potential to prospective schools.