6 Preparation Resources for 11 Plus Grammar School Entry

6 Preparation Resources for 11 Plus Grammar School Entry

Preparing for the 11 Plus grammar school entry requires strategic planning and access to appropriate resources. Here, we outline various preparation materials, guides, and courses that can aid both parents and students in navigating this crucial milestone.

Practice Papers and Workbooks

6 Preparation Resources for 11 Plus Grammar School Entry

Practice papers and workbooks are essential tools for familiarising students with the format and types of questions typically found in the 11 Plus exams. These resources often include mock tests that simulate exam conditions, helping students build confidence and improve their time management skills.

Workbooks are structured to cover key topics such as English, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-Verbal Reasoning, aligning closely with the syllabus expected by grammar schools.

Online Learning Platforms

In the digital age, online learning platforms offer a wealth of resources for 11 Plus preparation. These platforms provide interactive lessons, practice exercises, and even virtual mock exams.

They cater to various learning styles and often allow students to track their progress and identify areas needing improvement. Many platforms also offer adaptive learning technologies that tailor content to the student’s performance, ensuring targeted and effective study sessions.

Tutoring Services

6 Preparation Resources for 11 Plus Grammar School Entry

Engaging a qualified tutor can provide personalised guidance and support tailored to the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Tutors with expertise in 11 Plus preparation can offer one-on-one or group sessions, focusing on specific subjects or exam strategies.

They often have insider knowledge of the exam format and can provide valuable tips for maximising performance on test day. Tutoring services may be conducted in person or online, offering flexibility to suit different schedules and preferences.

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Educational Books and Guides

Published educational books and guides are valuable resources for detailed explanations of concepts tested in the 11 Plus exams. These books cover topics ranging from comprehension and grammar in English to problem-solving techniques in Mathematics, and logical reasoning in Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

They often include practice questions with step-by-step solutions, helping students grasp fundamental concepts and apply them effectively under exam conditions.

Mock Exams and Assessment Papers

Participating in mock exams and using assessment papers is crucial for gauging readiness and identifying areas for improvement. Many educational organisations and tutoring centres offer mock exams that replicate the conditions of the actual 11 Plus exam.

These exams provide valuable feedback on performance, highlighting strengths and weaknesses that can be targeted in further study. Assessment papers, similar to practice papers, help students refine their exam technique and build confidence in tackling challenging questions.

Online Forums and Support Networks

Online forums and community support networks can be invaluable sources of advice and encouragement for both students and parents navigating the 11 Plus journey. These platforms allow individuals to share experiences, ask questions, and seek recommendations for effective study materials or strategies.

Engaging with such communities provides a sense of camaraderie and reassurance during what can be a stressful time, offering insights from others who have gone through similar experiences.


Preparing for the 11 Plus grammar school entry demands dedication, structured study, and access to quality resources. Whether through practice papers, online platforms, tutoring services, educational books, mock exams, or community support, each resource plays a vital role in equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the exam.

By leveraging these resources effectively, students can approach the 11 Plus exam with confidence, knowing they have diligently prepared for this significant academic milestone.