12 Free 11 Plus Practice Papers You Can Get Online

Are you gearing up for the 11 Plus entrance exams? This pivotal test determines entry into prestigious grammar schools across the UK, shaping the academic journey of countless children. 

But how can you ensure success? The answer lies in practice – specifically, practising with past papers. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the significance of free 11 Plus practice papers, which you can access online to supercharge your preparation!

How Can 11 Plus Practice Papers Enhance Your Preparation?

How Free 11 Plus Practice Papers Helps

Practice makes perfect, and when it comes to the 11 Plus exam, familiarity breeds confidence. By regularly engaging with 11 Plus free practice papers, you’ll:

Master Test Styles

Familiarise yourself with the structures, formats, and syllabus of the exam papers, ensuring there are no surprises on test day. 11 Plus commonly consists of multiple-choice questions on English, Math, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-verbal Reasoning.

Hone Problem-Solving Skills

Tackle challenging questions and develop effective problem-solving strategies that are essential for success, all for free!

Boost Confidence

Build confidence in your abilities as you see improvement over time, leading to a more relaxed and focused mindset during the entrance exams. 

Monitor Progress

Track your performance, identify areas for improvement, and tailor your study plan accordingly for maximum effectiveness.

Where Can I Find Free 11+ Practice Papers?

Official Sources

Start your search for Free 11+ tests with official channels. Many grammar schools and educational boards provide free access to past papers and a range of practice papers for each subject.

You can find a wealth of resources on their websites, offering sample questions and valuable insight into test formats. 

Independent Educational Sites

Don’t overlook the treasure trove of resources available on independent educational platforms. Sites like Owl Tutors offer a vast collection of free 11+ practice papers covering subjects such as verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, Maths, and English. 

Community Forums and Groups

Tap into the power of community support. Join online forums or social media groups dedicated to 11 Plus preparation. Here, you’ll find a supportive network of parents and educators who willingly share resources, including free sample papers and test strategies.

Master the 11 Plus

A unique, confidence-boosting way to study for the 11 Plus

What Are Some Free 11 Plus Practice Papers Online

Free 11 Plus Practice Papers

From Exam Providers

GL Assessment

GL Assessment provides up-to-date 11+ practice papers to aid in preparation for entrance exams. Familiarisation papers are freely downloadable for general test style awareness, while practice papers offer comprehensive preparation for a purchase. Each set contains exclusive content, ensuring a unique testing experience. 

The exam board offers 10 hours of free 11+ familiarisation materials to acquaint children with test formats and question types, plus guidance for parents. Papers include sample questions for Verbal reasoning, Non-verbal reasoning, English, and maths test papers for download.

Get Free GL Familiarisation Papers


CEM, or The Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring, offers 11+ exams assessing verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, and numerical reasoning or mathematics. Notable for mixed-order questions and time-pressured sections, CEM exams emphasise vocabulary depth and unique response formats. 

Note that CEM has shifted to online exams and no longer provides standard 11+ test papers. Its previous format differed from GL’s. Unlike GL, CEM didn’t publish and distribute practice materials and integrated subject papers in shorter sections. 

Though CEM no longer creates 11+ exams, its impact on admissions remains significant, especially for grammar schools, as seen in these CEM sample papers by notable publishers:

From Publishers


Bond Assessment Papers, established in 1964, offer comprehensive and up-to-date 11+ practice materials covering English, mathematics, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning tests.

With over two million copies sold, Bond is a leading provider of exam preparation resources, supporting children from ages 5-6 through to secondary school transition. 

Their online resources include Bond Online for subscription-based practice, 11+ Handbooks Area for free consolidation, and sample questions for a glimpse of Bond Online. Authored by experienced tutors and teachers, Bond questions ensure high-quality preparation for grammar school entrance exams.  

Explore free Bond 11 Plus resources for guidance and download practice materials to enhance exam readiness by creating a free account on their official site. 

CGP Books

CGP, the UK’s top Educational Publisher since 1996, offers meticulously crafted books loved by millions. Always up-to-date, their materials cover everything from preschool to A-Level, matching the latest curriculum. They’re known for their student-friendly style, with books written by top teachers.               

As part of their commitment, they offer up-to-date and free Practice Papers featuring realistic questions to help a child prepare for grammar school entrance exams.

Covering verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning (including pattern recognition and spatial reasoning), maths, and English, these papers are a valuable resource for pupils aiming to achieve success.

Here’s a quick link to CGP Free 11 Plus Practice Tests:

From Online Educational Resources

Owl Tutors

Owl Tutors, established in 2011, is dedicated to providing top-quality one-to-one tutoring by qualified teachers. Their tutors, including headteachers and PhDs, undergo rigorous selection to ensure excellence. They offer home tuition in London and online globally with no joining fees. 

Additionally, they provide up-to-date and free 11+ resources, including practice papers for various entrance and public exams. Authored by expert tutors, these papers are available for non-commercial use, offering valuable assistance to students preparing for exams.   

Access Owl Tutor free resources

The Exam Coach

The Exam Coach provides expert online tuition and resources for UK grammar and independent school entrance exams. Their small group dynamic fosters engagement and learning, proven to be effective for exam preparation. 

The Exam Coach offers first-class learning materials continuously refined based on student feedback. With a focus on exam technique, they equip students with strategies to excel. 

They also only employ exceptional tutors who have excelled in the 11 Plus and top universities, ensuring high-quality instruction. 

Get The Exam Coach Free 11 Plus practice papers and answers to aid your child’s preparation. They come in CEM, GL, Kent, ISEB, and Independent school test styles and answers.

From Schools and Consortiums


The Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex (CSSE) administers the 11 Plus examination for students aiming to gain entry to selective grammar schools in Essex, England.

This consortium comprises several grammar schools in the county, including renowned institutions like Colchester County High School for Girls, Southend High School for Boys, and Westcliff High School for Girls.

Preparation for the CSSE 11 Plus examination typically involves practising with past papers, familiarising oneself with the test format and question types, and honing relevant skills through targeted study.

Additionally, some grammar schools affiliated with the CSSE may offer school preparation workshops or guidance sessions to help with students’ exam preparation.

Free 11+ Past exam papers from 2015 and onwards are available for download on their website to familiarise students with the specific requirements of the CSSE 11 Plus examination. 

Access CSSE Familiarisation and Practice Materials for English and Maths Papers. 

Warwickshire County Council

The 11+ test is key for Warwickshire grammar school admissions. It assesses English, Verbal Reasoning, Maths, and Non-Verbal Reasoning. It’s multiple-choice and lasts about three hours. Scores are standardised, and places are offered based on them.

Warwickshire shares the test with Birmingham, Walsall, Wolverhampton, and Shropshire. 

See sample entrance test familiarisation paper for Warwickshire grammar schools.

Gloucestershire County Council

In Gloucestershire, the Admissions Entrance Test process is managed directly by the grammar schools. For any inquiries regarding the Entrance Test, you should contact the respective grammar schools.

Gloucestershire County Council oversees several grammar schools across Cheltenham, Gloucester, and Stroud.

Download Gloucestershire Entrance Test Familiarisation Test

Kent County Council

For Kent Grammar Schools, the Kent Test is the key assessment. The Kent Test is challenging and designed for children in the top 25% of academic ability. 

It consists of multiple-choice questions with a separate answer sheet marked by a computer. The first test covers English comprehension and maths and lasts one hour, while the second test focuses on reasoning, including verbal and non-verbal sections, lasting about an hour.

A Kent familiarisation paper is available detailing the test structure and content.

Devonport High School for Boys

Devonport High School for Boys is a dynamic grammar school catering to young people aged 11-18. In addition to academic excellence, the school fosters a supportive environment where students thrive. 

Devonport offers 11+ familiarisation sessions to acquaint students with the exam environment on top of familiarisation materials that are designed to aid preparation for the tests, ensuring students feel confident and well-prepared.

Access Devonport Familiarisation Materials

Torquay Girls’ Grammar School

Torquay Girls’ Grammar School requires applicants to sit an Admissions Test, aiming to keep the process stress-free. Girls performing in the top 25% of their age group at Primary School should manage the tests well, particularly if they excel in English, Maths, and Science.

The school utilises papers from an external assessment authority, GL, for English and Maths. GL provides 11 Plus familiarisation materials with sample questions, focusing solely on these two test elements. These materials offer valuable insights into the test format and content.

Here’s a link to the Torquay Girls’ Grammar School Practice Test

Are There Any Additional Resources to Supplement Practice Papers?

Online Tutorials and Video Lessons

Supplement your practice with online tutorials and video lessons. Note that these resources provide in-depth explanations and tips to reinforce your understanding of key concepts.

Educational Apps and Games

Explore educational apps and games designed specifically for 11 Plus preparation. These interactive tools make learning enjoyable while honing your skills.

Guidance from Tutors or Mentors

Seek guidance from experienced tutors or mentors to fine-tune your preparation strategy. Their expertise and guidance can significantly boost your chances of success in the 11 Plus exam.

Final Thoughts

Free 11+ practice papers are invaluable tools to enhance your preparation for this crucial exam significantly. These resources offer a wealth of opportunities to sharpen your skills and boost your confidence.

To prepare your child for the future, explore the range of example papers available on each website. Each page offers valuable insights for you and your child into the test.

So, dive into the world of 11 Plus free practice papers!