5 Support Groups for 11 Plus Grammar School Aspirants

The 11 Plus examination is a significant milestone for many children in the UK, marking the gateway to grammar schools. As the stakes are high, both parents and students often seek support and guidance to navigate this challenging journey.

Fortunately, there are numerous support groups available, offering a wealth of resources, advice, and community support. These groups can be found both online and offline, each providing a unique set of benefits.

Online Forums and Communities

5 Support Groups for 11 Plus Grammar School Aspirants

One of the most accessible forms of support comes from online forums and communities dedicated to the 11 Plus.

Websites like the 11 Plus Forum are invaluable resources where parents and students can connect with others going through the same process. This forum provides a platform to ask questions, share experiences, and exchange tips on everything from study techniques to managing exam stress.

Additionally, many online communities are moderated by experienced educators and parents who have successfully guided their children through the 11 Plus, ensuring the advice given is both practical and reliable.

Another prominent online community is the 11 Plus Exams Forum, known for its comprehensive discussion threads that cover all aspects of the exam. From specific subject help to general advice on balancing school work and 11 Plus preparation, this forum offers detailed insights.

It also features regional sections where parents can discuss the specifics of local grammar schools and catchment areas, which can be particularly useful for those navigating the nuances of different examination boards and school requirements.

Social Media Groups

Social media platforms like Facebook host several dedicated groups for 11 Plus preparation. Groups such as “11 Plus Exam Parents” and “11 Plus Journey” bring together thousands of parents who share resources, post about upcoming mock exams, and offer emotional support during this demanding period.

These groups are often very active, with members posting daily about their experiences, challenges, and successes. The immediacy of social media also allows for quick responses to urgent questions, making it a highly interactive and supportive environment.

Instagram and X (Formerly Twitter) also play a role, albeit more passively, by allowing parents and tutors to follow hashtags such as #11PlusExam or #11PlusPreparation. These platforms are great for discovering new study materials, motivational content, and even live Q&A sessions hosted by educators.

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Local Study Groups and Tutoring Centres

5 Support Groups for 11 Plus Grammar School Aspirants

In addition to online resources, local study groups and tutoring centres offer in-person support, which can be crucial for some students.

Joining a local study group allows children to learn alongside peers who are also preparing for the 11 Plus. This can be motivating and help build a sense of camaraderie. Local libraries and community centres often have bulletin boards where parents can find information about such groups.

Tutoring centres are another excellent resource. Many of these centres offer group sessions that not only provide expert teaching but also simulate the exam environment, helping students get used to the format and pressure of the 11 Plus. These sessions often include practice tests, which are essential for building confidence and identifying areas where a child may need additional focus.

School-Based Support

Many primary schools offer support for students preparing for the 11 Plus, recognising the importance of this exam in their pupils’ academic journeys.

Some schools organise after-school clubs or extra classes focused on 11 Plus subjects. Teachers can be a great source of support, providing tailored advice and resources based on their understanding of each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Moreover, some schools have established partnerships with local grammar schools, providing students with additional opportunities to attend workshops or taster days. These experiences can be invaluable, offering insight into the grammar school environment and helping students feel more comfortable and prepared for the transition.

Books and Educational Resources

While not a traditional “support group,” books and other educational resources form an essential part of the preparation toolkit.

Many parents and students turn to popular 11 Plus preparation books, which often come recommended by educators and other parents. These books typically offer comprehensive practice questions, detailed explanations, and full-length mock exams that are crucial for effective preparation.

Additionally, websites like Bond Online and CGP Books provide structured online courses and practice tests, often accompanied by forums where users can discuss questions and strategies.

These resources are invaluable for both understanding the format of the exam and for honing the necessary skills in maths, English, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning.


Navigating the 11 Plus exam can be a daunting experience, but with the right support, it becomes a manageable and even rewarding journey. Whether through online forums, social media groups, local study groups, school-based support, or educational resources, there is a wealth of support available for parents and students alike.

These communities not only provide practical advice and resources but also offer emotional support and motivation, which are just as crucial during this challenging time.

By tapping into these support networks, parents and students can feel more confident and prepared as they work towards securing a place in a grammar school.