8 Best Tutors Specialising in the 11 Plus English Syllabus

Finding the right tutor for the 11 Plus English syllabus can significantly impact a student’s preparation and confidence. 

Below is a detailed analysis of some of the best tutors and tutoring services specialising in this area. These tutors have been selected based on their expertise, experience, and proven track record in helping students succeed in the 11 Plus exams.

11 Plus English Tutors and Tutoring Services

Best Tutors Specialising in the 11 Plus English Syllabus

Explore Learning

Explore Learning is dedicated to preparing students for the 11 Plus and entrance exams, offering expert tuition in 11 Plus English that focuses on higher-level concepts beyond the standard school curriculum.


  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covers creative writing, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and comprehension in depth.
  • Expert Tutors: Provide regular practice with 11 Plus English test questions, ensuring all topics are thoroughly covered.
  • Supportive Environment: Encourages a strong foundation in English grammar and fosters a love of reading.
  • Exam Preparation: Provides access to practice papers and personalised tuition to meet local exam demands.

First Class Learning

First Class Learning (FCL) is dedicated to helping students achieve their full potential by providing tailored maths and English tuition. Their centres offer a structured learning environment aligned with the National Curriculum, ensuring relevant and effective support for students.


  • Tailored Tuition: Utilizes unique skills assessments to identify learning gaps and strengths, creating customised programmes for each child.
  • Pen and Paper Approach: Emphasizes traditional learning methods to enhance cognitive processes and information retention, reducing screen time.
  • Comprehensive English Programme: Covers phonics, handwriting, reading, comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, text structuring, and writing skills.
  • National Curriculum Coverage: Supports learning from Key Stages 1-4, ensuring relevance to major UK Exam Board syllabuses.

11 Plus DIY

11PlusDIY offers personalised one-to-one tuition for students in years 4 and 5, focusing on preparing them for the 11 Plus exams. Their sessions are designed to meet individual learning needs and are conveniently delivered online.


  • Online Flexibility: Offers a cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional tutoring, with sessions scheduled at convenient times.
  • Free Assessment: Initial meeting to discuss students’ aspirations and create a personalised learning programme.
  • Homework and Mock Exams: Regular homework assignments and mock exams to reinforce learning and prepare for the 11 Plus.
  • Regular Feedback: Detailed reports on progress and performance after each session, keeping parents informed.

Keystone Tutors

Keystone Tutors has been a leader in providing tuition for over a decade, specialising in 11+ entrance exams and pre-tests for independent schools. With offices in London, Hong Kong, and Singapore, Keystone Tutors boasts a team of some of the UK’s most experienced tutors.


  • Professional Tutors: Tutors like Olly, Madeleine, and Harry have extensive tutoring experience and have successfully guided students to prestigious schools such as Eton, Westminster, and Dulwich College.
  • Comprehensive Preparation: Includes core curriculum coverage, test practice with past papers, computerised pre-test practice, and mock interview preparation.
  • In-House Materials: Exclusive access to proprietary materials and past papers.
  • Parental Feedback: Positive testimonials highlight significant improvements and successful school admissions.

Fleet Tutors

Fleet Tutors provides bespoke tuition for students across various subjects and levels, from primary school to degree level. Known for their rigorous tutor selection process, Fleet Tutors ensures high-quality, personalised educational support.


  • Comprehensive Coverage: Support spans basic literacy to advanced critical writing and essay skills.
  • Personalised Assessment: Detailed assessment of individual student needs at every step.
  • Flexible Learning Options: 1-to-1, home, online, and group lessons available.
  • Parental Peace of Mind: Fleet Tutors’ 5-stage application process ensures the best tutor match and minimal disruption if changes are needed.
  • Positive Outcomes: Testimonials reflect significant improvements and successful school admissions.

11 Plus Tutoring

11 Plus Tutoring offers comprehensive, curriculum-mapped lessons specifically designed to prepare students for the 11 Plus English exam. Through live one-on-one tuition, students receive tailored support to enhance their English skills and boost their confidence.


  • Comprehensive Coverage: Includes creative writing, composition, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and online comprehension exercises.
  • Free Assessments: Offers free assessments to identify the child’s needs and tailor the learning plan accordingly
  • Year-Specific Programs:
    • Year 3: Early preparation with a structured plan.
    • Year 4: Foundation building with worksheets aligned with CEM and GL Assessments.
    • Year 5: Intensive practice and revision using past papers and additional resources.
  • Confidence Building: Focus on boosting students’ confidence to handle challenging exam questions effectively.
  • Mock Exams and Tests: Students can take mock exam papers and vocabulary tests to refine their skills and improve exam readiness.
  • Extensive Resources: Utilises cutting-edge tools and provides access to a wide range of 11 Plus English exam resources.


Kumon offers structured Maths and English programmes designed to foster self-learning skills and help students progress beyond their school grade within their first year of study, making it a strong complementary tool for 11 Plus preparation.


  • High Academic Standards: Aims for students to achieve a level higher than their school grade, building strong foundational skills.
  • Structured Program: Builds arithmetic, reading, and writing skills through progressively challenging levels.
  • Rigorous Training: Includes traditional arithmetic operations and introductory algebra for maths, as well as comprehensive grammar and comprehension for English.
  • Daily Practice: Encourages daily study to build proficiency and speed, which is essential for exam success.
  • Complementary Tool: While not covering the entire 11 Plus syllabus, Kumon enhances core skills and exam readiness.


Choosing the right tutor or tutoring service for the 11 Plus English syllabus is crucial for a child’s success. The services listed above offer a range of options to suit different learning styles, schedules, and preferences. 

Parents should consider their child’s unique needs, the tutor’s qualifications and experience, and feedback from other parents when making their decision.

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